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Re: FIGS's Annual Review of Eco-Efficiency Funds > > Dear Stakeholder, > > I am pleased to advise you that the 2000 Annual Review of Eco-Efficiency > Funds is now available, for free, care of The Finance Institute for Global > Sustainability (FIGS) on the Internet and can be viewed in totality at > in Adobe Acrobat > format. FIGS, a US based non-advocacy NGO, sees this report as central to > our core mandate of providing stakeholders with information and intelligence > about the relationship between environmental/ sustainability activities and > financial performance. Building on information from last year's report, the > 2000 edition provides information on performance and management of > "eco-efficiency funds" from around the world. Below you will find the > report's executive summary and a brief write-up of key findings. > > We are especially pleased that the number of funds identified for coverage > in this year's report has more than doubled from last year. This is a > powerful illustration of the growing interest in environmental/sustainable > finance issues. We are also pleased that, in the midst of significant > market downturn, eco-efficiency funds have performed relatively well. Of > the 22 funds included in the report that measure themselves against a > benchmark, 15 outperformed that benchmark. We think this is a tremendous > accomplishment and supports the premise that environmental performance can > offer a competitive advantage. > > FIGS continues to expand the services it offers to financiers, NGOs, > corporations, governments, the media, the academic community, consultants, > lawyers, foundations, and others. > > - In the next few days FIGS will officially launch the Global Community of > practitioners and users of information related to how sustainability and > finance are intertwined. As a member of this community, you will receive an > email from us on this subject with more specifics about your inclusion in > this free user service. > > - The electronic library, Cybrary, has also been materially upgraded from > both a functionality and substance perspective in the last 60 days, and now > includes new search capabilities and more then twice as many documents. > > If you would like more information about FIGS, the Cybrary, or the Global > Community (GC), visit us on the web at or me at > or the GC or Cybrary managers at, or > > > We hope you enjoy our publication, which again can be found in its totality
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